Workin‘ on the Chain Gang

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in Inside studios | 2 Comments

I became interested in chain mail in 2008. What fascinates me about this technique is how it shows metal’s flexible, fluid qualities. This is what I try to bring to each piece.

My thought in creating this collection was first of all to be contemporary. I also wanted to show extravagance and restraint at the same time. So for example the first piece I made, Chainelle, has a very tight form, but is lavish in its size. Pearlesque and Brillance have a simple weave, but are complemented by hundreds of beads.





  1. Sandy
    11. Juli 2011

    Hi Karen,

    Your work is beautiful and the photography really enhances it! I am so excited for you and have been thinking about you all weekend!

    I hope you’re having a great time in Munich, but I’m sure the weather in So Cal is better! Long Beach and 2nd St misses you!



  2. Deanna
    11. Juli 2011

    Gorgeous, gorgeous! That’s all I can say. What a collection you’ve created. I hope the art show had a great turnout . We can’t wait to see pics from the show and hear about your experience. I’m so…. proud of you! Great job on the website too. Remember it’s only just begun!

    Love you,


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