Necklace (Chain mail technique)

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  1. Linda Olson Levy & Cecilia A. Fidora
    26. Juni 2015

    Hello Karen!

    Cecilia and I were just reminiscing about old times–and you and Werner–there were several NAFSA publications that Werner designed. As you know, Cecilia keeps things from the past….. So, it appears you are doing well. Love your jewelry! We would love to hear from you.

    Linda & Cecilia


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by Karen Hay-Steuer

Chain mail technique: Variation on European 4 in 1
Sterling silver, freshwater cross pearls
Length: 44 cm

Kettenhemdtechnik: European 4 in 1
Sterlingsilber, kreuzförmige Süßwasserperlen
Länge: 44 cm

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